The Pastor’s Roundtable meets once a month to discuss acquiring leadership skills, relating to your personal and/or private board of directors, gaining insight into solutions for your key issues, learning to think strategically and to support your peers in prayer and fellowship.  In addition to the monthly group meeting, each pastor meets with the Roundtable Chair or a Triad of Peer Pastors once a month to be mentored, coached, supported and encouraged.

Get to know the Pastors Roundtable team:

Greg Williams, CEO

Call me at 678 361 9070

Greg is passionate about doing Kingdom Work. He has had a variety of roles in his career. He is a PK, the brother of career missionaries, brother in-law to 2 pastors and has children in full time ministry. He has led / conducted leadership training for over 25 years; he has personally trained more than 75,000 people. He and his wife lead the N-Weds Ministry at their church. He has been involved in church ministry on a lay level all his adult life. He has been happily married for 43 years, the father of 3 and grandfather of 9. He launched the first Pastors Roundtable after 300 phone calls and 75 cups of coffee to arrive at a dozen pastors who participated in the first Pastors Roundtable for over 3 years. Then they started their own.

Rob Froehbrodt, Operations

Call me at 678 802 4066

 Rob is the founder of Plan Your Steps, a life and career coaching business.  Prior to launching his own business, he worked in various leadership roles in large high-technology companies for 34 years.  For all of his adult life he has  served in various lay ministry positions in the local church including small group leader, staff development  leader, strategic planning coach, trustee and teacher.  Rob has been married for 36 years, is the father of three, the father-in-law of two and the delighted grandfather of four.    Rob joined Greg in 2010 to help lead The Pastors Roundtable.  And very little coffee was consumed in the process of Rob coming on-board the organization.  Diet sodas on the other hand…