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Welcome to The Pastors Roundtable!  We are passionate about sustaining and perhaps rekindling the pastor’s passion and commitment to the Lord’s call to ministry.  We are alarmed by the many statistics that show how many pastors are literally suffering in their current situation.  Most statistics say that 60% to 80% of those who enter the ministry will not still be in it 10 years later, and only a fraction will stay in it as a lifetime career.  Many pastors—I believe over 90 percent—start off right with a true call and the enthusiasm and the endurance of faith to make it, but something happens to derail their train of passion and love for the call.  With that in mind, we would like to offer an alternative.  We would like to see pastors flourishing in their call, passionate about their Kingdom Work, preserved and renewed in their personal relationships, balanced in their work and home life, effectively dealing with the strategic issues at their church, dealing with and building on the challenging interpersonal experiences they have, and thriving in ministry.

Blessings as you do Kingdom Work, 
Greg Williams, CEO The Pastors Roundtable

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