It’s not Hebrew

Lead One Today!

We Make It Simple to launch and participate in a Pastors Roundtable. There is no homework or preparation for the participant because everything’s provided within the meeting. For the person facilitating the meeting, great news! You need less than 20 minutes per month to prepare.


Roundtable Hosting – It’s as Easy as 1…2…3…

Host a Pastors Roundtable for a modest investment and only 20 minutes of prep time for the facilitator each month.

     1. Download and print the standard forms used each month

     2. Download and print the month’s Koinonia Connection form

     3. Browse the Leadership Development catalog, select a module, download and print the associated handouts.

We understand that everyone is busy, especially leaders!  Because of that, we take the hours of prep work out of your hands.  We developed a “plug and play” model which accelerates your preparation to facilitate the meeting.  Everything you need is hosted on the website – you simply follow three simple steps to get ready.