What Others Are Saying

“The Pastors Roundtable has been one of the wisest investments I have ever made. The time I give to these meetings is well worth it.  The meetings have been informative, inspiring, encouraging and most helpful. I had the opportunity in one of our meetings to share about something in my church that was causing me to lose sleep. The guys listened to my situation and gave me some great advice which I followed and solved the situation. The most important benefit of the Pastors Roundtable is the fact that I have gained some true friends in the ministry.”
Frank Daws, Pastor

“I must say that before I began to attend The Pastor’s Roundtable once a month I truly was considering letting the pastorate go. But there has been rekindling of my passion and commitment to the Lord’s call to ministry. I really enjoy the peer support and learning. I have been to many gatherings with pastors but none that has been as intimate as The Pastor’s Roundtable. My prayer is that more pastors would become connected to experience the genuine support, the leadership development and the prayer time with other pastors.”
Dexter Kilgore, Pastor, Standing in the Gap Ministries

“You’re doing a great job! God has worked in the hearts of the guys there and is binding our hearts together for the kingdom and for one another. Be encouraged as you minister to a few who minister to hundreds each week. You are making a difference in my life!”
Clay Willis Cornerstone Community Church

“I just want to take a second to put in writing what I try to tell you verbally…..THANK YOU ! For your investment of instruction, time, life, values, encouragement, leadership—that you pour into my life. Thank you for following God’s leading to do Pastors Roundtable and for pursuing me. I love you!!!”
Pete Hixson Vinings Lake Church

“God is using you in a great way in my life and in the lives of others.”
Billy Moss, Rockdale Baptist Church


“I felt drained by the demands” was the prevailing reason pastors gave for leaving a position in local church ministry. (58%) The next reason was a feeling of isolation and loneliness. (51%)

“It was about finding a place to talk about the tough issues I’m dealing with”
From the 2005 book, “Pastors in Transition: Why Clergy Leave Local Church Ministry”