What We Do

Learn about Pastors Roundtable

The Pastors Roundtable provides resources, instruction, and support for self-facilitated Pastor Peer Learning Groups.

It takes less than 20 minutes for someone to prepare to lead a successful “Peer Learning Group for Pastors” experience. There is no homework and the participants have a great gathering that leads to community, personal development and innovative insight into dealing with the issues that all pastors face. Paul Tripp is known for saying that, “Christian Development is a Community Project.”

3 Major Components:

  • Koinonia Connection…Building Community
  • Pastoral Development…Excellent videos, essays and articles with outlines and discussion launching questions are provided.
  • KANI (Keep Awake Night Issues)…Dealing with Issues in a Positive Manner. Materials and instructions are provided to conduct this powerful, vitality-sustaining process.

These components are described elsewhere in the website. The important thing to understand is that all of the materials needed to successfully lead a Pastors Roundtable are available from the website.